DIY In-ground Swimming Pool

How to Build a DIY In-ground Pool

A beautiful home in Texas that has an elegant swimming pool built with the help of BYOP. Build your own pool but bring some help! Do-it-yourself home improvement projects are one of the most fulfilling ways to meet new people, build memories with family and increase the value of your home. A DIY pool probably sounds like a huge project, but you can do it! Build Your Own Pool has been helping homeowners for more than 25 years and will happily assist you.

Start with a Plan

Every do-it-yourself project starts with a plan. Build Your Own Pool sells three DIY pool packages with everything that you need from start to finish, including pool designs. Even choosing a package is easy — answer three basic questions.

1. Would you like to do most of the work yourself?

The basic plan is best for individuals who love hands-on projects and are ready to do most of the work themselves. Of course, doing the work on your own will save you even more money. 

Typical projects that homeowners enjoy include:

Pool excavation
Pool installation
Electrical work
Many small components that add a personal touch

2. Would you like to do a few small projects and hire contractors to complete the electrical and plumbing work?

The preferred package is designed to help homeowners who want to do a small amount of physical labor and hire professionals to complete the rest. This package will give you, as a homeowner, the professional assistance that you need to take the project on and save money on labor.

An expert can help you choose the best pool for your home from pre-drawn, beautiful pool designs. You can choose to have your pool custom designs. BYOP has pool designers for that too.

3. Would you enjoy overseeing the project without having to perform projects?

The premier package is designed to help you walk through each step of the journey with assistance and still save you a lot of money. Build Your Own Pool will help you request quotes from subcontractors and apply for permits in your town. This package includes an assistant who will be ready and available to answer questions and give advice, find more here. An expert can help you choose the best pool for your home from pre-drawn, beautiful pool designs.

You Will Save Money!

It’s important to note that each of these plans provide substantial savings when compared to purchasing a pool from a facility. The benefits of each package are listed on the BYOP website for easy comparison.

Your Checklist

A checklist is included in each package. Some of the packages include a visit to your home to measure the yard. The pool checklist consists of these projects:

Choose your pool interior:
Do you want a tile, fiberglass or cement interior?

Water features and decking elements:
Water features may include a waterfall, lighted water spray, hot tub and more.

Lighting and cleaning choices:
Would you like the interior of the pool to have some underwater lighting? Would you like to light up the walkway?

Cleaning and automation options:
Automatic options make pool maintenance more straightforward than ever and pool living even more relaxing! You may choose auto vacuuming, auto lighting, auto temperature controls, auto music controls, and more.

City or county permits and requirements:
BYOP specializes in Arizona and Texas pools and is aware of the regulations and laws of the land. They will help you apply for any required permits.

Evaluating utility components:
You must call the gas, electric, sewage and water company before you begin the pool excavation. They will ensure that all gas pipes, electric lines, sewage and water pipes are protected during the dig.

Access to the home’s construction area:
Many other seemingly trivial yet critical considerations must be reviewed before starting a pool project, and your package will give you the inside scoop on how to prepare.

Start Your Pool Today

Visit BYOP and browse the site. You can check out the pool packages, pool layout, dream over the designs, and even apply for a loan on the website.

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