Designing Your Dream Pool

There are many items to consider before designing your pool, Here are a few ways to help with that:

Pool Size and Depth – Play pool refers to the depth of the pool, not the size. Typically a Play Pool is 3′ in the shallow end and 5′ at the deepest part of the pool. A Diving Pool typically would be between 8′ and 10′ at the deepest part of pool.

Pool Shapes – The shape of your pool is normally determined on the shape of your backyard. The shape will set the tone for your entire backyard entertainment area. There are several shapes you can consider; Straight Line, Free Form, Negative Edge, Wet Edge.

Decking Materials – The most popular is concrete and/or pavers.  If you choose pavers, make sure to have a sample of the material at your site when the layout company and excavator company arrive. This will help in many aspects of them laying out the pool and getting the correct pool height when excavating.

Interior Materials – The most popular interior finish is plaster. This is the most common material used. It does have a smooth texture and is less expensive.  A pebble tech finish gives your pool a more natural look. 

In Floor Cleaning vs. Vacuum – While in floor cleaning is a little more expensive then the traditional vacuum, it is permanent. The In Floor cleaning has a number of Pop Up heads that sweep debris to the drain area. 

Water Features – There are a multitude of water features. There are Sheer Waterfalls, Water /Fire bowls, Copper Scuppers, this list is endless. 

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