Creating the Perfect Pool Design

Creating an oasis in your own backyard is easier than ever with the endless options in accessories and swimming pool designs. It is especially important to point out that pools are affordable if you choose to build your own pool. Here at Build Your Own Pool (BYOP), we specialize in saving you money by providing reliable and affordable pool contractors and multiple swimming pool designs. Until now, families could not afford the pools that they dream of, but with build-your-own options families are becoming pool builders. We will share with you here how to create the perfect pool design. 

Choosing Your Pool’s Shape 

There are endless options when it comes to choosing a pool shape, but there are two significant points that you need to consider. 

1. Personal preference: What do you like? 
Consider your overall goals to ensure that you experience the most from your pool. Will your pool be enjoyed by adults only? Will a lot of children enjoy it? Will you enjoy professional parties and engagements at your home around the pool? All of these considerations would affect the type of pool that you choose. 

2. The size of your yard 
What is the size of your yard? Your township will have some requirements about the shape of your pool based on the size of your property and its distance from your home. 

Here are some questions that will help you decide on the shape and placement of your pool: 

1. What size pool do you want? 
2. How much yard space do you have available for your pool? 
3. How much patio or deck space do you desire to keep or add to your backyard? 
This is an important point to consider when designing your pool because it will help you decide on the pools angle and size. 
4. Do you have existing landscaping that you’re trying to keep? 
Certain landscaping would require that you move the pool to fit that landscaping, or you could design the pool in a particular shape to enhance what is already growing in your yard. 
5. Are you planning to add a waterfall, individual trees or shrubbery, a grill or outdoor kitchen

Now that you considered those important questions, you can look at the different shapes and sizes to choose the best fit your goals and desires. 

Rectangular Pool 
Sophisticated, luxurious, timeless and traditional are some of the descriptions that come to mind when you consider a rectangular pool. Variations are available for a lap pool design. The size of your deck or patio along with the design of your home can be beautifully accentuated with a rectangular pool. 

Oval Pool 
Luxurious, community, leisure and tranquility are often associated with an oval-shaped pool. An oval is one of the easiest pools to add to a smaller backyard and can be easily accentuated with a flowing waterfall or an outdoor kitchen. 

L or T-shaped Pool 
An L or T-shaped pool is highly functional and can offer a diving area on one end and a relaxing opportunity on the other end. The T or L-shaped pool often brings thoughts of resort living, sports and functionality. If you are looking to build a pool around existing features or landscaping, this is an excellent option to consider. 

Contact us for help. We specialize in assisting do-it-yourself pool builders, and we have pool contractors that we recommend in your area. We have plans for the pool shape and size that you need ready for you. We have it all from A to Z. At Build Your Own Pool, pool building is our expertise.


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