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Using your pool year round!

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We sure do love our pools in Arizona! With our sweltering summers, it is essential to stay continuously submerged in a cool backyard oasis to make it through. Arizona is definitely known for sunny desert weather, but there are times during the year that can get downright chilly. Especially in the clear evening nights of winter. This doesn't mean however, that you have to shut down your pool that you've work so hard to maintain all year. You now have many options available to keep your pool heated and ready for use year round even in the winter.

Investing in a Pool Means Investing in Yourself

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When considering the decision to build a new pool, there are a ton of questions that we immediately ask ourselves. What kind of pool do we want? How big is too big? Should we go all out and include the seating area with the BBQ pit and all of the water features?

Heating Your Pool with a Solar Pool Heater

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With the cooler fall weather approaching, wouldn't it be nice [...]