Building Your Own Pool: It’s Easier than you Think

Do-it-yourself projects are self-fulfilling and save you lots of money. But, when you walk in someone’s backyard and see an amazingly beautiful pool, you probably assume it is way out of your price range or that a do-it-yourself pool is a bottom-line pool without any extras. But, that’s not true. Building your own pool is easier than you think, and you can choose extras and a design that fits your dreams and your budget. 

Sometimes we over analyze do-it-yourself projects because we don’t know where to begin. That’s why building a pool with a Build Your Own Pool (BYOP) plan is an amazingly easy project. BYOP has been helping homeowners for more than 25 years save thousands of dollars on beautiful pools with spas and water features. The plans are designed to be easy each step of the way. 

1. Choose a Package 

Three packages offer four to 16 features that will match your unique do-it-yourself needs. The basic package is 1495.00 and includes a 2D custom pool design, construction drawing for the contractors to review, pool equipment spec sheet along with a free quote and an in-floor cleaning design. The basic preferred is 1995.00 with all that is in the basic package plus two revisions, permit submissions, subcontractor quotes and more. The premier package is 2495.00 and includes everything in the first two packages plus a 3D drawing, backyard planning designs along with email and phone construction support. Designing and building a pool with BYOP makes doing it yourself amazingly smooth! 


2. Choose a Pool Plan 

Choose a pool plan that is designed just for your yard. It does not have to be custom-designed because Build Your Own Pool has many pre-designed plans to choose from. You can download a pool design onto BYOP from an outside designer, or you can request a custom design with a BYOP design expert. A planned design meeting will give you the opportunity to share your vision and ideas, and the completed pool plans will include everything that is needed by the subcontractors to provide you with accurate prices. 


3. Hire Pool Contractors 

BYOP plans are subcontractor-friendly, and will help you each step of the way. You will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by hiring your subcontractors to complete the work. Step three is to contact licensed subcontractors from the list provided by BYOP. Your plan will include specs and notes so local contractors can supply you with competing prices that fit your budget. Your subcontractor will then use your BYOP plan to formulate a project sequence. 


4. Final Steps 

After you establish your plans with subcontractors, BYOP can help you to prepare and submit permits to your city or county with engineers, if needed. Build Your Own Pool is an expert that helps homeowners save thousands of dollars when building their pools. Spas, water features and other add-ons can be discussed with your designer and subcontractors. 


Start Building Your Pool Today 

Enjoy a beautiful pool in your backyard with family and friends with the expertise available through Build Your Own Pool. Visit BYOP, or call 480-551-7077 for Mesa, Arizona or 512-969-6288 for Austin, Texas.

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