Build It Yourself… But Bring Some Help

Designing and building your own swimming pool can be an incredibly fun and rewarding process. It allows you to have a hand in deciding every detail from the style of underwater light fixtures used to the type of deck surface material installed.  You will even have the opportunity to select what pool equipment to use to keep your pool functioning properly and looking clean. With all of the information about pool building and pool equipment, it is absolutely possible for an aspiring pool owner to make all of the right decisions to bring their backyard oasis to fruition.

When it comes to actually installing equipment though, it is important to consider looking for professional assistance. Experienced pool equipment installers not only know how to properly outfit your pool system but they know how to navigate the complicated and varied codes and regulations that go along with such a project. Here are a few of the angles that a professional will look at when installing equipment for your new pool build:

  • Don’t forget that plat of survey
    A plat of survey is a document that shows the location of certain set back  lines like easements and flood plains that may restrict where pool equipment  can be installed. While it might seem fairly obvious to keep this type of document nearby during any type of building project, a lot of people do not  realize that pool equipment placement will be considered as part of the final  building inspection. 
  • What else does your local building code say?
    Local building codes also dictate how far from your pool edge certain equipment can be installed. In the case of pool heaters, the distance of its  exhaust to any of your home’s windows or doors will even be checked.  Building codes vary from city to county and professional installers make it  their business to know the boundaries and limitations set in their areas. 
  • Making sure of the right place
    A professional installer is not only going to have the experience to know  where the codes and regulations say your equipment should be, they are  also going to know where you will want it to be. Maintaining a clean and  functional pool means you will have to become experienced with the your equipment. You will be required to perform regular back-washing and filter  cleanings. This means that you will need to have a clear and accessible area  around your equipment for this to be possible. A professional installer will know how the equipment placement might affect your quality of life since  most pool equipment cycles on and off throughout the day and night and  some of it can make a fair bit noise, there is no better way to start regretting that new pool than to be woken up every night by a pump that was installed  too close to your bedroom window.

Remember that a new pool construction project requires just as much care and professional attention as a new home construction project. While you can and should have a considerable hand in how your investment turns out, bringing the right professionals on board will help you avoid issues and challenges that will inevitably appear.

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