Build a Swimming Pool – Pool & Patio Design Ideas

Gorgeous swimming pool in Dallas, Texas. Shows the swimming pool design, patio layout, and water features. In-ground swimming pools remind us of Texas barbecue parties, floating on a raft during a hot summer day and playing in the sun with the kids. But, just any style won’t do. You will want to choose the best pool and patio design for your family and your lifestyle. When you’re looking to have a new pool installed or to build a DIY pool, the right design is essential .

1. Choose Your Pool Layout

BYOP pool experts provide on-site evaluations for clients. This evaluation will help you to determine the best layout based on your property. Take into consideration the view that will be seen from your front porch or inside your home. Place the pool in a location that can be seen from your favorite windows. Some homeowners enjoy being able to view their pool while relaxing in their whirlpool tub. Others love to watch their teen children play in the pool while they cook a favorite meal in the kitchen.

2. Choose a DIY Pool Plan and Design

Doing a do-it-yourself pool project can save you thousands of dollars when you have the right tools. The right tools are offered by pool professionals who will help you maneuver through the many possible potholes in construction that could cause a loss of focus and increase the cost. But, the good news is that you do not have to cut quality to save money when you act as the general contractor on the job. Instead of going to a pool salesperson, you become the general contractor and purchase the pool at a discounted price provided by Build Your Own Pool.

BYOP pool experts specialize in do-it-yourself options and provide pre-designed pool plans. But, you can also have a custom-designed pool created by a design expert. You can choose from popular shapes like oval, square, kidney, round, rectangular and more.

3. Choose Pool Lights and Patio Ideas

Building a pool starts with choosing the right swimming pool design for your yard. Next, you consider your other design options. Your in-ground swimming pool can be surrounded by brick, cement, stone or tiles. The area surrounding the pool can add to the design. If you choose cement, it can be colored, and it can be enhanced with tiles, it can be stamped to provide a brick appearance at a reduced price. There are so many things that you can do around the outside of your pool. Check out the design ideas provided online and create a wish list that displays your favorite ideas.

Adding stone around the exterior of the pool is exceptionally beautiful when it is highlighted with pool lights and water features. Waterfalls, hot tubs and other elements do not have to throw you out of your budget. Speak to subcontractors about your ideas and compare prices to find the best guy for the job. BYOP plans include reliable subcontractors in Texas and Arizona.

You could add an outside bathroom, build a gazebo, add an outdoor barbecue pit, and create a fantastic atmosphere that is unique to your home. Experts are available to answer any of your questions, and bouncing ideas off of someone else can help you choose the best plan for your property, your family, your friends and your goals.

Call Experts for Discounts, Ideas and Success

Call 833-523-0133 to contact pool experts at Build Your Own Pool. The user-friendly website is full of design ideas and even includes loan options. If you apply for an online loan, you will receive an answer within 24 hours, and the money can be used for any home improvement project.

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