Best Time of the Year for Building a Pool

A beautiful swimming pool in Austin, Texas. The swimming pool was built with the help of BYOP. The extreme heat of summer is often the time homeowners become aware of their desire to install a pool. But you don’t have to wait until the hot summer months to build a pool. Swimming pools are installed throughout most of the year in warm states like Texas and Arizona, but the very best time to install a pool is during the fall when the weather is predictable and you can avoid the height of the pool installation season.

Fall, Spring and Summer Pool Installation

Fall weather is typically predictable. This allows for a faster installation process and more comfortable working conditions than in the summer or winter. It can be difficult to properly cure concrete during extreme heat because excess water is lost by evaporation in newly poured concrete. Intense heat also dries the ground and can hinder digging the hole and finishing the landscaping. When the temperature drops close to freezing, hydration goes to the other extreme, and concrete retains water and takes longer to dry. The temperature of newly installed concrete should not fall below 50°F. Financial savings are another benefit to building a swimming pool in the autumn. Prices usually inflate during prime season and tend to drop during the quiet months of fall.

Spring also has some pool installation advantages when compared to the hot months of summer. During spring, prices are typically slightly less than during the summer. Weather is usually predictable during springtime, but there is a higher chance of rainfall. Building an in ground pool during the spring will allow your family to immediately enjoy the pool rather than waiting through the winter months.

In Arizona, the temperatures increasingly arise during May, and it’s time to pull out the towels, grab some sunscreen and dive into the pool. But, if you didn’t plan ahead of time and you want to enjoy a pool this season, then summer is the right time for you. If you would like to save money on your pool, you can save money year-round by building your own pool. That may sound like a massive project, but it’s a simple process when you request the help of the experts at Build Your Own Pool.

Save Money on a Custom Pool

Building your own pool is a great way to save money on a custom-designed pool. If you’ve been pool shopping lately, you’ve seen the prices and the styles. A pool company may encourage you to reduce your style to drop the price tag, but there are other options. BYOP offers access to reduced prices on pools, a list of insured and respected subcontractors in Arizona and Texas, pre-designed pool plans, custom pool designs, help with the permits and so much more.

Build Your Own Pool gives homeowners the tools needed to oversee the installation of their pool. You don’t need to take construction classes, buy a backhoe or even buy work boots. You will become the general contractor over the construction of your pool. Hire subcontractors to complete the electrical, plumbing, pool installation, tile work, landscaping and all other aspects of the development. Visit on the role of a general contractor will provide you with the opportunity to customize your pool without significantly increasing the price. Enhanced pool designs are easily achievable with an addition of a waterfall, solar heating, extra lighting, an automatic vacuum or an attached hot tub.

If you’re ready to dive in and get started, you can begin by choosing the Basic, Preferred or Premier package. BYOP even has lenders available to provide you with funding for your pool. A quick online loan submission will be open within 24 hours so that you can set your budget, choose your pool plans and begin building your own pool.

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