• What’s the Best Pool Shape?


    There are number of considerations you might use to determine what’s the best shape for your new, backyard swimming pool.  Some of which you can decide based on your personal preference and others that will be determined based on where you live.  Below are just a few of the more common influencers that can affect

  • Pool Heater Options

    pool heater chart

    The Pool is Cold!!! There’s nothing worse than jumping into a cold pool, I don’t care if you’re 5 or 85 cold water is never a welcomed friend. People ask me all the time….“You’re in the pool business – what kind of heater do you have on your pool?” Before we can dive into what’s

  • What’s The Best Interior for my Pool?


    One of the most common questions raised during the design phase of a new pool is; “what’s the best interior finish for the pool?”  Most of those who ask the questions have their ideas of what they like, but they still have a few questions such as: How long will they different finishes last? Which

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  • Shotcrete vs. Gunite, which will win the right to be used in your backyard?

    It’s been over 100 years since Gunite was invented and since then there has been nothing but controversy over its use. Today, we only hear about Shotcrete and Gunite as the floor and walls of backyard pools, but: Which one is better? Which is stronger? Which is more versatile? What is the difference between them?

  • Salt vs Chlorine

    chlorination, purification, sanitize

    Salt vs Chlorine, How Will You Sanitize Your Pool? Salt vs. Chlorine is one of the biggest fights in the battle for backyard glory. What’s in your backyard, salt water pool, chlorine pool or the empty space where your pool will go? Which system is better for keeping your pool clean? Neither, cleanliness isn’t the

  • Finding the Right Fire Bowls

    fire bowl

    How to Find the Perfect Fire Bowls You’ve got a beautiful pool, it looks great by day, but when the sun goes down the pool lights just don’t do it justice. You need something to really bring your backyard to life, I recommend fire bowls. Fire bowls are a great way to dress up your

  • How to Choose the Best Pool Surface Material

    pool surfaces, pool surfacing, pool finish, pool finishes

    Picking the Best Pool Surface With all of the pools in the valley there is no shortage of opinions on “the best” pool surface. In reality, it depends on the type of pool your family needs and can afford, there is no overall winner for all scenarios. It’s important that you take beauty, quality and

  • Eating at the Pool

    Gazebo, umbrella table, swim up bar

    How Will Your Guests be Eating at the Pool?   You are designing your dream pool, the perfect backyard. You’ve considered the size and shape of the pool, the water and fire features, the landscaping and decking for the backyard; you’ve almost designed the best place for entertaining friends… almost. Where and how will they

  • The 7 Most Popular Water Features

    Pool Design Water Features

    What are Your Favorite Water Features? Water feature is such a generic term for the wide array of possibilities that it embodies. What we actually mean is “Personality”, because what you’ll be giving your pool is a personality, specifically your personality. Anyone can dig a hole and fill it with water, 5 year old boys

  • When is the Best Time to Clean Your Pool Filter and How to do it!


    Although a seemingly simple question, the best time to clean your pool filter depends on a variety of circumstances.  While most people know that their filter is a key component of their pool’s filtration system, the knowledge of when and how to properly clean a filter is oftentimes not known.  In order to ensure the

  • Save Thousands with Build Your Own Pool’s Expertise and Services


    At BYOP, we can help you cut your pool construction costs by up to 30-40%. Want to know more? Here’s how you can save thousands with Build Your Own Pool. Design The design phase is a critical part of the planning process and doing it right enables you to build your pool efficiently and effectively.

  • Pool Renovation Ideas


    Sometimes small changes can make you fall in love with your backyard pool all over again. There are many pool renovation options out there that will help get excited about, and make you want to share your pool with friends and family once again. Resurface your pool. There are many choices out there for resurfacing

  • Stunning Backyard Pool

    1 (1)

    We are proud to have been a part of this backyard pool build! The whole design utilized every inch of this backyard without loosing any design beauty. The pool, seating area and grill all work together to create the perfect space for many outdoor parties this coming Spring and Summer.

  • Proper Products and Installation

    photo (4)

    At Build Your Own Pool, not only do we help you build and install your new backyard pool, but we also want to educate you on how to best set up your equipment and care for your pool in the future. Most building codes not only regulate the design and build-out of a pool, but

  • Using your pool year round!


    We sure do love our pools in Arizona! With our sweltering summers, it is essential to stay continuously submerged in a cool backyard oasis to make it through. Arizona is definitely known for sunny desert weather, but there are times during the year that can get downright chilly. Especially in the clear evening nights of winter. This doesn’t mean however, that you have to shut down your pool that you’ve work so hard to maintain all year. You now have many options available to keep your pool heated and ready for use year round even in the winter.

  • Shade for your Outdoor Fun

    When designing a pool to fit into your backyard, it is also important to think about the surrounding landscape and your summertime needs. Refuge from the sun is a landscape addition that is both practical and can be a beautiful addition to your backyard design. When thinking about adding shade to your backyard, try letting your creative juices flow!

  • Pool Safety Tips

    Being in the pool industry, we want to do our part to help make backyard pools as safe as they can be. Diligence is critical when it comes to keeping your loved ones safe. It is important to be mindful, safe and alert when it comes to young ones around pools.

  • Building a Pool and Getting Healthy in 2014

    Did you make a New Year’s resolution to be healthier in 2014? Let’s talk about how swimming is beneficial for your body and how Build Your Own Pool has many designs that will be beneficial in helping you get fit!

  • Attached or Built-in Spa Considerations

    A lot of our customers at Build Your Own Pool opt for an attached spa as a feature for their pool, we can understand why! Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing addition, it is also a great way to relax after a long hard day or even to get your day started in the

  • Product Highlight: bobé Water & Fire Features’ Copper Scuppers

    At Build Your Own Pool, it’s our business to know everything there is about pool accessories. There are some favorites out there though so we thought we absolutely must highlight one for our customers. bobé Water & Fire Features is an Arizona-based fabricator of sheet metal products that transform pools, spas, and landscapes into places of working art.

  • Investing in a Pool Means Investing in Yourself

    When considering the decision to build a new pool, there are a ton of questions that we immediately ask ourselves. What kind of pool do we want? How big is too big? Should we go all out and include the seating area with the BBQ pit and all of the water features?

  • Making Your Backyard Dreams Come True

    We are always talking about how Build Your Own Pool in Phoenix is in the business of making your backyard dreams come true but unless you have worked with us before, it is sometimes hard to imagine what that can look like when all is said and done.

  • Build It Yourself… But Bring Some Help

    Designing and building your own swimming pool can be an incredibly fun and rewarding process. It allows you to have a hand in deciding every detail from the style of underwater light fixtures used to the type of deck surface material installed.

  • Soak up the Sun: Heating Your Pool with a Solar Pool Heater

    With the cooler fall weather approaching, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep that pool open a little while longer? There are a range of options out there for pool heating systems and with consumers becoming more budget conscious and environmentally aware, consider taking a look at solar pool heaters. Solar pool heater

  • What Can Go Wrong With A Pool Plan

    A new swimming pool plan is not just a pretty drawing of your backyard, it is a technical document, and a tool that will serve as a framework for the success or failure of your pool-building project. There are typically three places where a poorly planned swimming pool design can go haywire and lead to potentially costly

  • Problems with Pool Plans not Designed Properly

    Just because a pool is built in the private property behind one’s home does not make it any less important than the house in regards to how it is planned, designed, and permitted. When beginning the process of conceptualizing a new pool, it is important to establish a strong foundation for the project in the form of well-organized and clearly designed plan.

  • Financing Your Pool

    So you’ve decided to buy a pool. Congratulations! Pools and spas are a fun and beautiful way to create enjoyable memories for your whole family while improving the value of your home. As pool builders, we are excited to help you through the process of designing and building your ideal backyard oasis. Before you get started though,

  • Getting Started: How Build Your Own Pools Process Works

    The BYOP process is simple, we help you access licensed and bonded swimming pool sub-contractors including excavators, plumbers, electricians, and deck companies amongst others so you are guaranteed the best price from a variety of talent. We also offer you wholesale prices on all of the major brands of pool equipment and provide construction checklists, planning, and budgeting guides that instruct you step-by-step through every phase of the pool building process.

  • Navigating the Pool Permit

    Dealing with your city or county can be a very frustrating process when submitting your materials for permits to build your pool.
    Before you attempt to submit your materials, here are a few steps to take to ensure the smoothest permit process possible:

  • If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It – Build Your Own Pool This Summer

    With the summer heat in full swing in Arizona, the thought of having a backyard pool could be enough to drive homeowners to grab their shovels and start digging. Most homeowners probably haven’t considered the possibility of building their own pool, but what if they had the knowledge, the specs and the connections to get the job done right and start enjoying their dream pool?

  • From Our Design Files: Redesigning a Fountain Hills Swimming Pool

    A few months ago, Build Your Own Pools did a complete redesign on a Fountain Hills backyard pool. The client was referred to us after previously soliciting a bid from another company and receiving a quote that was higher than what they had expected. BYOP was able to design the high quality and elegant pool environment that the client was looking for while saving them money in the process. BYOP works with a number of qualified installers and pool professionals to put together the most competitive bids for all of our pool projects. The client was able to secure fantastic contractors for the work outlined in the design at a fraction of the price.

  • Swimming Pool Ready in Peoria Arizona

    Peoria homeowners, Chris and Jerry, have just completed building the swimming pool of their dreams in their own backyard by using the services of Build Your Own Pool. Their pool is awaiting final inspection from the city before being filled with water and they expect to dive in and enjoy swimming this coming weekend.

  • Drawing Pools to Specs: How to Get Started

    When preparing your pool project, one of the most critical steps is drawing your pool to specs. Your drawings should be sufficiently clear, drawn to scale, and dimensioned. Understanding each design detail will enable you to complete your swimming pool construction plan more effectively and efficiently. Since the details are the actual measurements for your specific pool, subcontractors will use these drawings to bid and build the actual pool making their accuracy absolutely essential.

  • Design Highlights of a Family Pool

    A family of young adventurers and thrill seekers recently worked with Build Your Own Pool to aid them in building and executing a swimming oasis. Let’s go for a stroll around the project and get an idea of what kinds of elegant and innovative design details selected to bring this dream pool to fruition.


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