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Consulting Contracts between homeowners and Consulting firms are Independent from BYOP.

The blink module (camera) is mounted to the house or block wall which gives you 150° view which allows you to view the yard, patio, and the access. Blink also allows full two way audio from project manager to homeowner in backyard in real time 24/7. On the Project Manager’s side the blink camera system can be set up for motion to detect when a subcontractor enters the yard giving the PM accurate times when crews arrive as well as to manage the length of time that the crew is on site. 

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 Your Project Manager can converse through two way audio with subcontractor and homeowner at any time giving the homeowner Full accessibility to the PM for questions and concerns. If homeowner has a question and needs to point out an issue the PM has the capability to zoom in and look at that issue so the homeowner receives an educated solution to the issue which saves days and possibly weeks in resolving problems quickly. 

The bottom line is that the blink camera system allows a real time, for two way audio/video experience, which allows the homeowner and PM to meet To address any questions or concerns which saves time and money for the homeowner so the pool gets built better and faster.

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