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Basic Plan Package


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Choose from 4 pre-designed pool plans that you can use to build your own swimming pool or use to get an “apples to apples” bids from your local pool builders. What you get :

  • Pre-designed auto-CAD plans complete with pool specifications.
  • Drawn to industry scale of 1/8? – makes it easy for pool professional to understand.
  • Standard pool specification allows for easy bids and quotes.
  • Pool schematics – depth details, layout points and equipment plumbing.
  • Labeled with your contact and address information.
  • 8.5? x 11? format – perfect for a home printer – no special paper required.
  • Sent to you in a PDF format – easy to attach/forward to subs and pool professionals.

Use the Layout plan to get an accurate and precise design of your pool plan that you can use to transfer from paper to the ground – now it’s ready for dig. Send the Plan view to your desired subs or pool builders for bids and quotes. For more detail and when ordering your pool equipment use the Plumbing/Details page. Each pre-designed pool plan will have what you need to get you started with your pool project budget and constructions planning.

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